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Envergure Réunion

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With Envergure Réunion you can go down the most beautiful canyons on Reunion Island and/or discover amazing underground landscapes in lava tunnels. Activities across the whole island

Envergure Réunion - explore some of the island's most beautiful canyons: Trou Blanc, Fleurs Jaunes, Langevin, Sainte Suzanne, Takamaka, Dudu, Trou de Fer
Booking every Thursday, other days, please contact the provider.

-Envergure Réunion also offers an introduction to potholing:
-Discovery Route: Open to everyone over 6 years (duration 3 hours)provider
-Classic Route: 2 km journey into the network. (duration 5 hours)
-Extreme Route: Explore the whole network (duration 6h)
Booking every Tuesday, other days, please contact the provider.

Throughout the whole island: beginners or experts can choose their route depending on their level and what they want to do.
Please contact Envergure Réunion for more information.

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