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Heli and Hike in Mafate

Address: Altiport de l'Eperon B.P. 544, 97867 Saint-Paul Cedex

Address: Altiport de l'Eperon B.P. 544, 97867 Saint-Paul Cedex

An unusual day, a “Mafate” experience.

Hike in Mafate with a guide, enjoy a typical creole lunch in the heart of the cirque and a helicopter flight

Bury yourself in the world of the famous Mafate’s postman and discover the place where many slaves took refuge in “the old days”.

You will leave from La Rivière des Galets, in an ATV, hence using the only path cars can use to enter this cirque.
Approx. 30 min. after your departure, you will be dropped off at “Deux Bras” (Two Arms) in the riverbed. That’s where your hike starts, where the only two ways of moving around are walking or flying.

You’ll cross the river many times, you’ll sometimes get your feet wet, and for the most courageous or the least sensitive to the cold ones, a swimming pause is possible in a splendid and natural pond.

The hike lasts approximately 2:30 / 3:00 hours before reaching Cayenne, a charming small islet of 25 inhabitants. Once you get to the cottage, located near the cirque’s oldest church, you’ll enjoy a well-deserved traditional “carry”.
Your guide will share everything he knows about the history and inhabitants of this cirque with you in a friendly atmosphere. After this generous meal, no more walking! You will be admiring the magnificent landscapes of the island cozily sitting in one of our helicopters.

A beautiful day in sight!

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