旅游项目留尼汪岛 - 14 个匹配项

Atmosphère Péi

29 2月 2020 - 30 11月 2020
区域: 南部地区 (22 km Gouffre de l'Etang Salé)  地图
时间: 9:00 & 13:30

活动, Atypical Discovery of La Réunion's intense landscapes... and of a new way of pedalling... On a recumbent bike. Located in Plaine des Cafres in the south of the island, Atmosphère Péi ...

DEZ Julien

29 2月 2020 - 28 11月 2020
区域: 圣罗斯市 (31 km Gouffre de l'Etang Salé)  地图 Guest score: 100% 15 of 15 recommended
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活动, Discovery Visits down tunnels of lava Julien DEZ, professional guide (10 years experience, State-Certified Sports Instructor: speciality in potholing and canyoning, and State-Certified...

Whitewater: water canyon

29 2月 2020 - 31 12月 2020
区域: 圣伯纳市
时间: 8:00

Discovery Head for the water for an excursion by water!

White water rafting

29 2月 2020 - 31 12月 2020
时间: 13:00

Discovery Equipped with your paddles, rafts or canoes, get ready for a cocktail of thrills and stunning nature! You’re going to take on the rapids of the Rivière des Marsouins. Thrills an...

Meanders of La Fournaise

1 3月 2020 - 31 12月 2020
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Discovery Premier leisure activity in the east of the island!

A day of relaxation at the 4-star Diana Déa

2 3月 2020 - 31 12月 2020
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Well-being Enjoy a day recharging your batteries at the 4-star Diana Déa Lodge Hotel.

Tunnel 2004

13 3月 2020 - 29 11月 2020
时间: 显示全部

活动 Grand-Brûlé lava tunnel

Trou de Fer

2 3月 2020 - 28 12月 2020
区域: 东部
时间: 显示全部

Adventure Come and discover Trou de Fer, on a hike from the Salazie trail running station, where you can walk and train like the Greek gods on the specially marked trails and enjoy the pe...

Piton d'Anchaing

2 3月 2020 - 28 12月 2020
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Adventure Which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site also gives us breathtaking views of the surrounding hamlets and the formation of the cirques.

Manouihl hot springs

2 3月 2020 - 28 12月 2020
区域: 东部
时间: 显示全部

Adventure Let yourself be transported into the past with the thermal baths of Hell-Bourg, visiting the important sites and paths which tell the story of how Hell-Bourg came to be and its ...

Electric mountain bike tour to Bélouve

29 2月 2020 - 28 11月 2020
区域: 东部
时间: 显示全部

Discovery Come and weave your way through the invaluable biodiversity in this unmissable place in the East called Bélouve.

Electric Mountain bike tour to the Volcano

1 3月 2020 - 29 11月 2020
区域: 火山
时间: 显示全部

Discovery You will cycle around twenty kilometres over volcanic landscapes unlike anything else in the world.

Musical Potholing: the Beat of the Heart

8 3月 2020 - 30 12月 2020
区域: 圣罗斯市
时间: 显示全部

Discovery An unlikely experience, in an unusual and impressive place.

Recumbent cycling, an original activity in Bras-Panon

29 2月 2020 - 31 12月 2020
区域: 布拉-帕农市
时间: 9:30 & 13:30

Atypical Come and join us for a superb getaway along the coastline of Roches River in the town of Bras-Panon.



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