旅游项目东部, 留尼汪岛 - 10 个匹配项

DEZ Julien

19 10月 2019 - 28 11月 2020
区域: 圣罗斯市 (30 km Plage de la Saline-les-Bains ())  地图 Guest score: 100% 14 of 14 recommended
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活动, Discovery Visits down tunnels of lava Julien DEZ, professional guide (10 years experience, State-Certified Sports Instructor: speciality in potholing and canyoning, and State-Certified...

Whitewater: water canyon

16 10月 2019 - 31 12月 2019
区域: 圣伯纳市
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Discovery Head for the water for an excursion by water!

White water rafting

16 10月 2019 - 31 12月 2019
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Discovery Equipped with your paddles, rafts or canoes, get ready for a cocktail of thrills and stunning nature! You’re going to take on the rapids of the Rivière des Marsouins. Thrills an...

Meanders of La Fournaise

16 10月 2019 - 31 12月 2019
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Discovery Premier leisure activity in the east of the island!

Tunnel 2004

24 10月 2019 - 29 11月 2020
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活动 Grand-Brûlé lava tunnel

Trou de Fer

21 10月 2019 - 10 12月 2019
区域: 东部
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Adventure Come and discover Trou de Fer, on a hike from the Salazie trail running station, where you can walk and train like the Greek gods on the specially marked trails and enjoy the pe...

Piton d'Anchaing

21 10月 2019 - 17 12月 2019
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Adventure Which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site also gives us breathtaking views of the surrounding hamlets and the formation of the cirques.

Manouihl hot springs

21 10月 2019 - 24 12月 2019
区域: 东部
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Adventure Let yourself be transported into the past with the thermal baths of Hell-Bourg, visiting the important sites and paths which tell the story of how Hell-Bourg came to be and its ...

Mountain bike tour in Bélouve

17 10月 2019 - 31 12月 2019
区域: 东部
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Discovery Come and weave your way through the invaluable biodiversity in this unmissable place in the East called Bélouve.

Musical Potholing: the Beat of the Heart

12 11月 2019 - 12 12月 2019
区域: 圣罗斯市
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Discovery An unlikely experience, in an unusual and impressive place.



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