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Scubananas (Réunion Plongée)

地址: 13 avenue des Artisans, 97436 SAINT LEU 显示地图

地址: 13 avenue des Artisans, 97436 SAINT LEU

Réunion Plongée is based in Saint-Leu, a town whose bay stretches a good 2 km (from Pointe des Châteaux to Pointe au Sel) and includes a coral plateau with a score of very different sites well worth exploring.
The organisation arranges first dives, explorations, whale sighting outings, children’s dives and level 1 to 3 ANMP training courses, as well as nitrox diving. Dives are supervised by State-qualified instructors with FFESSM and PADI certification, gas-mixture diving, and ANMP affiliates. All equipment supplied. Sites are selected in accordance with levels of skill.

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HUET François - Balcon Créole***

距离: 2.8 千米

Vavangue n°742***

距离: 5.1 千米

Bardzour n°741***

距离: 5.1 千米