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Azurtech Parapente

地址: BP 36, 97436 SAINT LEU 显示地图

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地址: BP 36, 97436 SAINT LEU

Azurtech Parapente (operating on La Réunion since 1991) is a paragliding school labelled by the ""Fédération Française de Vol Libre"" and ""Jeunesse et Sport"" accredited. It is also a team of experienced instructors with a real love for the sport and of exploring La Réunion from the sky in complete safety. Azurtech Parapente organises two-seater flights, training courses and supervision of visiting pilots. Sale of equipment, external courses on La Réunion as well as in the Alps, South Africa and Mexico. Flights daily, mainly in the mornings to ensure maximum sunshine and provide a range of flying times to choose from: Bi Marmaille and Classic 20-25 minutes, the Must 35-40 minutes, and the Top, with over an hour in the air. Initial instruction is carried out on a training slope at Bellemène (in the heights of Saint-Paul




HUET François - Balcon Créole***

距离: 2.8 千米

FUTOL Jean Pierre n°21****

距离: 6 千米

D & D Guest Case***

距离: 6.1 千米