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  • Méditation-hiking : one day / LE PITON ROUGE AND HIS KING

Méditation-hiking : one day / LE PITON ROUGE AND HIS KING

地址: 53 route de Domenjob, 97490 Sainte-Clotilde 日期: 星期二 24 9月 2019 - 星期二 26 11月 2019

地址: 53 route de Domenjob, 97490 Sainte-Clotilde

It is known that the benefits of hiking on the health are numerous and play at the same time on the blood circulation, the muscles, the joints ...

It may also seem obvious that it helps to purify the mind, relieve stress and anxiety, but many still do not know that going out in the wild can really change the brain.
Aside from the almost instantaneous feeling of calm and serenity that accompanies outdoor activity, hiking in nature can help you "let go", especially if it is associated with the practice of meditation, Mindfullness.
So, walk, completely absorb by the landscapes, by the smells, by the songs of the birds, is already meditate.
The meditation-hike, combining the benefits of walking in nature, to the practice of meditation is a doubly powerful tool and beneficial to our mental, spiritual and physical health.


- 8h00 : appointment on the Tamarins forest road (around Maïdo) with Claire. The exact place of appointment will be specified when booking.
- 8h30 : Little warm-up yoga to become aware of your body and then start for an easy hike
- All along this hiking, alternate walking and meditation exercise.
- Lunch break at noon.

During this meditation-hiking, the travellers will learn :

- Pay attention to the simple act of walking, settle comfortably into their physical sensations and then open that presence to the environment through their senses.
- How to place the body on the climb, on the boards and downhill to save energy, optimize travel, avoid falls
- To relate to their emotions according to the landscapes crossed, the physical difficulties encountered and the energy of the group.
- Develop their breathing potential and help them to be fully present thanks to the techniques of the Afghan Walk.
- To release tensions and to open oneself to other horizons by the Walk of Vision resulting from the shamanic traditions.
- Take care of your body, warm up and stretch through the pre and post-hiking yogas and the relaxation of the Five Elements.

The + :
- Claire, the guide, account 18 years of meditation practice (in wich 4 years in strict retirement) and 25 years of hiking practice.
- An easy hiking, accessible to everyone (600m+ ; 600m-)
- A rare landscape : Tamarin forest
- Panoramics views on the ocean, all along the hiking.
- A historic and mysterious atmosphere with Marron refugees caves and King Phaonce history
- The possibility, if the weather allows it and the rhythm of the group too, to go until Petit Bénare (+200m and 6kms round trip) and admire the beautiful view on Cilaos Circus, Piton des Neiges, …


- The hiking may be canceled by the service provider if the weather conditions are unfavorable or if the minimum number of participants is not required.
- This price includes : hiking-meditation accompanied by an experienced and state-certified guide. Not included : pic-nic, water, snacks

Equipment :

- 1 bagpack (min 20L), hikking shoes, 1 short or pant, 2L of water, pic-nic, energetic snacks (dried fruits, cereal bars, ...), sun glasses, hat or cap, suncream, 1 long sleeve thermal fleece (or pull), rain covers.


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