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ZARLOR STROLL - The "re"-enchanted forest

日期: 星期三 10 7月 2019 - 星期三 11 12月 2019


The "re"-enchanted forest

Did you know that there was such a big difference between the leaves of young and mature trees?! You will learn all about "bois de senteur", spicebush and "bois de pintade". Time to remember your Latin;-)-)

Trees such as "bois de senteur blanc", "bois de pintade", "bois de sable", "bois d’éponge" and other critically endangered species are starting to reappear around Grande Chaloupe thanks to the combined efforts of the NFO, the National Park and local enthusiasts.
This is an exceptional opportunity to discover this protected semi-arid forest that will remain forever etched in your mem


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Available on: 11/12/2019
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