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  • Zarlor flânerie à la rencontre des petits molosses

Zarlor flânerie à la rencontre des petits molosses

日期: 星期三 11 9月 2019

Each Zarlor stroll consists of a guided walk and a bite to eat.

Our guide Clovis has explored marked trails and “zabitant” trails, to bring you the botanical and heritage treasures of the Western territory. These leisurely walks are an opportunity to discover these natural riches amid enchanting settings. Enjoy nature’s spectacles.
"Visit the little bats and discover the coastline of Trois-Bassins in a whole new way.
With their small coves, caves, fauna and flora specific to the coastline, this leisurely walk allows you to see this part of the west coast in a different light, with stunning views of the ocean as a bonus."

Tour lasts 3 hr
Technical level: easy
Naturalist level: beginner


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Available on: 11/09/2019
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