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Maison Martin Valliamé

位置: 圣安德烈市
类别: 大事件, Culture

This is architectural originality!
The visit to the Martin-Valliamée house is an invitation to travel through time: monument listed as historical heritage,
this wonderful property reflects its owners’ imprint: firstly in terms of Mr Martin’s architecture
and secondly the Valliamée family’s cultural and religious legacy.
The Martin-Valliamée house, built in 1925, is an example of Creole architecture that is both unique and imposing.
Having been home to three owners, in 1982 it was bought by the municipality
of Saint-André, and listed in 1983.
Our guides will not only recount the history of this beautiful property, but will also show you the architecture, both outside
and inside, all the while telling you about Dr Martin’s love for his house (whence the originality and blend of cultures that it features).
You will also discover its more cultural dimension with the arrival of the Valliamée families,
who also left their imprint.
This is a place where cultural and religious aspects are mingled, both historically and anecdotally. Thanks to this combination, the Martin-Valliamée house provides an original and unique setting for your visit.


Street address 1
1590 chemin du Centre
Postal code
City (address)
Saint André
Phone number (booking)
262 0692793301
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