De la fleur au miel

位置: 布拉-帕农市
类别: 大事件

Honey is a sweet nectar known for its energizing and healing virtues.
What other virtues does this substance contain?
Let’s go see a hive in the Bras-Panon highlands with Johnny, who will take you into the world of bees, to the point of near contact with them!
With your protective gear you’ll be able to safely approach these magnificent little workers and understand how they live. The apiculturist accompanies you into the centre of a hive to observe the painstaking work of the bees. The queen bee remains in the background, surrounded by the workers; perhaps you’ll get a chance to admire her!
The apiculturist reveals all the secrets of his trade, from the gathering of pollen to the harvest of honey.
Your ears, eyes and taste sensors will all be used in this visit, which ends with a sampling of honey and pollen.It is a truly uncommon privilege to find yourself amidst a swarm of such extraordinary workers for the space of an hour!All of you curious and nature loving people, get your gear on and enter fearlessly into the atypical world of these marvellous little creatures.


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