Vanilla-based tour and meal

21, Route Nationale 2, 97412 Bras Panon (显示地图)
地点: Bras Panon
类别: 大事件

You’re curious and want to see how vanilla is transformed from the flower to the pod?

From pollenating the flower to processing the pods, nothing is left out to make your visit as rich an experience as possible. Accompanied by your guide, you can discover, within a cooperative set-up, Reunion’s black gold and its various stages of ripening, harvesting, scalding, sorting…

Your visit ends with a delicious vanilla coffee.

After all that, you certainly won’t be hungry! Continue the vanilla theme at Annibal Farm, where you can enjoy a good Creole meal with home-made rum, a vegetable gratin (depending on the season), and a plate of rice, grains and rougail, not forgetting the tasty canar with vanilla and/or fish carri. And for dessert, a farandole of "pei" or different pastries. What a way to end your discovery of vanilla on a sweet note.


日期 时间 地点
26 8月
星期一 26 8月 2019 9:00 Bras Panon
26 8月
星期一 26 8月 2019 9:45 Bras Panon
26 8月
星期一 26 8月 2019 10:00 Bras Panon
26 8月
星期一 26 8月 2019 10:45 Bras Panon


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21, Route Nationale 2
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Bras Panon
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