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La Nouvelle - Mafate, 97419 La Possession  地图
住客评语: 96% (774 的 803 推荐)
徒步驿站 | Location : La Nouvelle / Cirque de Mafate Mountain and Trekking Hostel Located in La Nouvelle in the Cirque of Mafate, Le Tamaréo has 4 double bedrooms available along with 2 dormitories each sleeping 4 people. The table d'hôte serves homemade...
Tamaréo (Gîte le)

219 RN2 les Bambous, 97439 Sainte Rose  地图
住客评语: 100% (14 的 14 推荐)
民宿/客栈 | Location : Sainte Rose / Est Guesthouse Charming accommodation... In Sainte-Rose, the Cana Suc is a bed and breakfast, part of the Gîtes de France network. The room is close to the owner's house and has its own private bathroom. Accessible ...
Cana Suc***

148, Route du Cap - CD 110, 97427 Etang-Salé-les-Hauts  地图
住客评语: 100% (3 的 3 推荐)
旅游短期出租房 | Location : Etang Salé / Sud Holiday Rental Claire Sanassy owns an independent ground-floor gite, awarded the Gîtes de France quality label. Situated in L'Etang-Salé-les-Hauts, , the house has one bedroom for 2 people and one bedroom for 3 pe...
SANASSY Claire n° 831

Roche Plate - Mafate, 97419 La Possession  地图
住客评语: 72% (144 的 199 推荐)
徒步驿站 | Location : Roche Plate / Cirque de Mafate Mountain and Trekking Hostel In the heart of Ilet de Roche Plate Mme Thiburce's gite is a refuge containing 2 dormitories of 6 beds apiece, 1dormitory de 8 beds and 1 room PMR. Towels are not includ...
Gite de Roche Plate - Mafate (chez Vivette THIBURCE)

13, Chemin Dorilas, 97421 Rivière St-Louis (La)  地图
住客评语: 100% (10 的 10 推荐)
旅游短期出租房 | Location : La Rivière Saint Louis / Sud Holiday Rental A peaceful spot… Independent ground-floor gite awarded the Gîtes de France quality label, in a peaceful setting with sea views. 2 double bedrooms, enclosed garden. Extra bed can be ad...
Pluie d'Or gîte 108***

171 A chemin 3 mares 171 A chemin 3 mares, Bois d'Olives, 97432 Ravine des Cabris
旅游短期出租房 | Casa Bois D'O located in the south of the island in La Ravine des Cabris in the Saint Pierre district, accommodates 6 people.
Casa Bois D'O ***

1090 chemin 80, 97440 Saint André  地图
住客评语: 100% (1 的 1 推荐)
旅游短期出租房 | Location : Saint André / Est Holiday Rental At Saint-André, Chez Savriama is a rural gite with air-conditioning and a capacity of 4 people. The gite of 95 m² has 2 double rooms, a living room, an equipped kitchen and an enclosed garden with...
Chez Savriama n°190***

86, rue Georges Lebeau, 97431 Plaine des Palmistes (La)  地图
住客评语: 95% (21 的 22 推荐)
民宿/客栈 | Location : Plaine des Palmistes / Les Plaines Guesthouse Chez Bea, located at approximately 1,000 m above sea level, in La Plaine des Palmistes, in the heart of the National Park, is the starting point for numerous treks and places to visit...
Chez Béa***

13, impasse des Songes Hell-Bourg, 97433 Salazie  地图
住客评语: 87% (76 的 87 推荐)
徒步驿站 | P'’ti Blanc des O in Hell-Bourg is a group gîte consisting of a small house of Creole architecture, typical of the uplands.
P'ti Blanc des O

Ilet à bourse - Mafate, 97419 La Possession  地图
住客评语: 98% (668 的 682 推荐)
徒步驿站 | Location : Ilet à Bourse / Cirque de Mafate Mountain and Trekking Hostel Welcome to the Cirque de Mafate, on a small plateau that does not receive a lot of visitors but that is very accessible to people who enjoy walking. Set on the edge of...
Ilet à Bourse (Gîte de l')

96 route de Notre Dame de la Paix Petite Ferme, 97418 Plaine-des-Cafres
旅游短期出租房 | Fleur de Prune in La Plaine des Cafres is perfect for relaxing as a family in a large villa.
Fleur de Prune****

Marla - Mafate, 97460 Saint-Paul
住客评语: 100% (21 的 21 推荐)
民宿/客栈 | Le Bois de Couleur in the cirque of Mafate, on the edge of the Bois de couleurs forest in Marla, has 3 modern luxury guest rooms.
Bois de couleur

45 bis, Allée Jacquot ZI n° 2, 97410 Saint-Pierre
旅游短期出租房 | In Saint-Pierre, close to all amenities and just 10 minutes from the town centre, the villas offer all the luxury, calm and charm of tropical nature.
Couleurs K'Fé***

33 impasse Bois de Santal Grand Bois, 97410 Saint Pierre  地图
住客评语: 78% (7 的 9 推荐)
民宿/客栈 | Location : Saint Pierre / Sud Guesthouse Bois de Santal bed and breakfast in Saint-Pierre has 2 rooms. The double rooms are air-conditioned with private toilets. The rooms are in the owner's house. There is a large terrace with a pergola, ...
Bois de Santal***

53, Rue des Prunes, 97480 Saint-Joseph  地图
住客评语: 77% (20 的 26 推荐)
民宿/客栈 | Location : Saint Joseph / Sud Guesthouse L'Arpège Austral has 2 fully equipped, Gîtes de France-labelled B&B rooms situated in the owner's house. Shared music room with piano, book case and board games available. Situated 5 mins from the tow...
Arpège Austral(L')**

119 rue Georges Pompidou, 97430 Le Tampon
旅游短期出租房 | Kaz à Mélina perched at an altitude of 700m between the sea and the mountains is the starting point for walks and trips to discover the tourist sites of Hautes Plaines, the Volcano and the Wild South and even the beach at Saint-Pierre.
La Kaz à Mélina n°1***

277, route des Vacoas, 97425 Avirons (Les)  地图
住客评语: 100% (1 的 1 推荐)
旅游短期出租房 | Two independent, fully equipped, Clévacances-labelled furnished holiday apartments, each sleeping 4 people, on the ground floor of a villa occupied by the owners, ideally situated between the mountains and the sea, about 15 m from the beach at L'E...
Grand Pavois (Le)***

La Nouvelle - Cirque de Mafate, 97419 La Possession  地图
住客评语: 81% (661 的 816 推荐)
徒步驿站 | Location : La Nouvelle / Cirque de Mafate Mountain and Trekking Hostel The Relais de Mafate lies at the heart of La Nouvelle, in the Cirque de Mafate. The gîte has two 6-bed dormitories, five double rooms, and ten rooms each sleeping four pe...
Relais de Mafate (Gîte Le)

8 bis, chemin des Bleuets, 97470 Saint-Benoit  地图
住客评语: 100% (1 的 1 推荐)
旅游短期出租房 | Halfway between Saint-Benoît and La Plaine des Palmistes, two bedroom duplex apartments on the same floor as the owners' villa.
Rubinjo (Le)***

1 ruelle Mussard Terre Sainte, 97410 Sainte-Pierre
旅游短期出租房 | Villa Le Lion de Mer in Saint-Pierre is a fully equipped gîte for 4 people.
Villa Le Lion de Mer


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  • 内日峰 (1)
  • 南部地区 (71)
  • 火山 (1)

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